Future Worlds is a unique and vibrant start-up network at the University of Southampton. It helps nurture aspiring entrepreneurs and cutting-edge technologies through an ecosystem of mentors, investors, collaborators and events offering resident space, hot desks, a meeting environment, and a film studio for pitch videos.


The Future Worlds blog gives exclusive advice for young entrepreneurs. Discussing the challenges and the opportunities facing young entrepreneurs, Stewart Desson, Lumina Learning CEO, said:


“We know that entrepreneurs are different to someone in the average population. They have certain traits that can be identified and we are interested in recruiting people like this. Entrepreneurs have high levels of creativity and are more likely to want to take a risk. We are looking for people that have an entrepreneurial streak but can also be a team player. The key thing whatever you do – whether it’s alone, with a small company or a large business – is you need to find the right culture. Some cultures are too rigid. They may produce brilliant results but if you can’t express your creativity then it will kill you.


You need to find an organisation that encourages what I call an ‘adhocracy’ rather than a bureaucracy. It encourages people to connect, innovate and do things differently and entrepreneurs truly value that. Remember, you’re assessing the company. Do you want to work for them? Ask them about their culture. Ask if anyone else entrepreneurial has worked for them and how they got on. Find out whether they squeeze the living daylights out of you or empower you.”


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