Enter for an Excellence or Practitioner Award
Enter for an award

Following the success of the first Lumina Learning Excellence Awards in 2018 we are pleased to once again be welcoming submissions from Lumina Practitioners around the world. Entrants selected for the final shortlist will have the opportunity to give a short presentation at Lumina Connect 2022 on 22 & 23 June 2022 at Twickenham Rugby Stadium in West London.


This year we will also launch a new Lumina Practitioner 2022 award to recognise the broader achievements of individuals within our community. Submissions for this award can be self-written or nomination based. Winners for all awards will be announced at the Lumina Connect 2022 Gala Awards Dinner on Wednesday 22 June.

Who can enter?
Any project or intervention involving at least one qualified Lumina Learning Practitioner and using an approach based on a Lumina Learning product (e.g. Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader, Lumina Select etc) can be entered.
Why take part?
Entering the Awards is an ideal way to share your work with the Lumina Learning community and gain credibility with your clients. Winners will receive a commemorative trophy and the right to display the Award Winners’ logo on their professional materials and website. Winners will also have the opportunity to have written and video interview case studies of their work shared with a global audience through the Lumina Learning website & social networks.
How do I enter?
After exploring our award categories below, Individuals, teams and organisations can make their submission by completing the form. All entries for the Excellence awards must meet the eligibility criteria, and those submitting must have been materially responsible for the work.
Enter for an award
Awards Categories

Excellence in People Development

Entrants to this category should demonstrate a well-designed and skilfully delivered developmental intervention which has had a significant impact on the success of an individual or group. Examples of a developmental intervention could include training and coaching.

Excellence in Selection and Onboarding

Entrants to this category should demonstrate how a well-designed process and/or intervention has resulted in the successful placement and/or onboarding of:

  • Individuals selected internally within an organisation for placement in a well-defined role or project and/or…
  • Individuals recruited externally and newly hired to an organisation

Excellence in Digital Transformation

Entrants to this category should demonstrate a successful learning and development solution which was made possible or enhanced through the use of digital tools. Achievements could include:

  • Developing a new digital learning platform or technology
  • Adapting a digital tool for use in learning and development
  • Delivering an L&D intervention that puts digital tools at its centre, and/or…
  • Adapting an existing L&D intervention to deliver in a digital world.

Excellence in Valuing Diversity

Entrants to this category should demonstrate a successful intervention addressing Diversity and Inclusion challenges within a team or organisation. Achievements could include:

  • Greater awareness of diversity in its many forms including diversity of personality
  • Greater understanding of the value of diversity to the team and/or organisation’s success
  • Change of behaviour leading to a more inclusive environment, and/or…
  • Opportunities offered to a more diverse range of individuals.

Practitioner Award

Being shortlisted for Lumina Practitioner 2022 is a great way to be recognised for your contribution, or someone you know, to the growth of Lumina Learning around the world. Anyone qualified with a Lumina Learning product can be entered, as can Lumina Practitioners who have collaborated together as a team.

Creating an entry and what to include

How to write an entry

Write your submission assuming no prior knowledge on the part of the readers; consider that the readers will not necessarily be Lumina Learning Practitioners or experts in all aspects of people development and selection. To make an entry, please outline the project or person using the upload sheets you can you download above next to the form. Once you’ve complete the upload sheet, submit using the form. Remember you can make multiple submissions!

Deadline to enter

Please ensure your entry is received by us no later than 18.00 BST (UK daylight saving time) on Thursday 12 May 2022. After this, we’ll begin the judging process. We’ll also contact short-listed entries to prepare and support their written and video case studies, as well as give the potential winners time to prepare a speech if they wish.
Enter for an award

Excellence Award entries

In all of the above cases, entries should include the use of a Lumina Learning product, tool or solution as central to supporting the transformation of the participants. The rationale for the approach chosen will be considered, as well as the strength and rigour of the evidence collected to demonstrate effectiveness. Comments from clients and key stakeholders are also welcomed.   Write your submission assuming no prior knowledge on the part of the readers; consider that the readers will not necessarily be Lumina Learning Practitioners or experts in all aspects of people development and selection. To make an entry, please outline the project or person, using the upload sheets you can you download above next to the form. Once you’ve completed the upload sheet, submit using the form. Remember you can make multiple submissions!

Excellence Award assessment criteria

In each category, entrants are assessed against the same criteria. This includes:  
  • Evidence of effective and appropriate application of a Lumina Learning solution
  • Evidence of stakeholder engagement, e.g., consultation and/or partnership
  • Evidence of effective project execution, e.g., clarity and monitoring against goals
  • Evidence of effective evaluation, e.g., relevant evaluation method applied
  • Extent of impact, considered in context of original objectives as well as breadth and depth of impact
  • Relevance to award category i.e., submission is a good example of excellence in this category
Judging panel and process

Judging Panel

Entries submitted for the 2022 Lumina Learning Excellence Awards will be judged by a panel of industry experts and senior professionals within the fields of Business Psychology, Learning & Development, and Recruitment.

What is the judging process?

Each entry will receive an initial ranking to form a short-list of submissions to each category. In the event of one category not receiving enough submissions of a high enough quality, two or more categories may be combined into one award. Similarly, if we receive a significant number of submissions in one category, we may split the category into more than one award.   The shortlisted entries will be judged independently by each judge based on a scoring guide for each section of the submission. The winning entry will be the entry to receive the highest combined score from the judges for that category.
Winners and confidentiality

When will the winners be announced?

Finalists who have made the shortlist will be informed via email by Wednesday 8 June 2022. The winners will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

Will submission content be confidential?

In the spirit of celebrating and publicising best practice in our community, Lumina Learning reserves the right to use information contained in shortlisted entries (apart from contact details).   Submissions will not be considered confidential or copyright, or to contain confidential or sensitive information, unless explicitly marked “not for publication” by the entrant. In making a submission, please consider seriously the necessity of including sensitive or confidential information and avoid doing so if possible. If it is not possible for you to make your submission without including confidential, sensitive or copyright information, you are asked to identify explicitly in the submission which parts of the content are not for publication (for example, a client’s name or financial performance information).   If you enter the Lumina Learning Excellence Awards, but are not successful in making the shortlists, this will remain confidential. Unless previously agreed, we will not publish the names of companies, organisations or individuals that have not been shortlisted for an award, nor will we reproduce any information from those entries without prior permission.   Lumina Learning makes no claim of Intellectual Property rights over the content of any submission, simply the right to reproduce it in whole or in part, with additions, deletions or substitutions, for the purposes described above.