The Lumina Learning team is continuously growing! Fenitra has recently joined our Madagascar Team


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Fenitra Rambolamanana – Lumina Learning Global Business Delivery

What’s your career background and what is your original connection to Lumina?

Before Lumina, I was working in the Event and Tourism industry in South Africa. I spent four years in South Africa, splitting my time between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

When Covid-19 became a pandemic, I had to go back home to Madagascar and restart my career. I ended up doing freelance translation jobs, which is how I eventually ended up at Lumina.



What is your top Spark Aspect and how have you found this beneficial to your role?

My top Aspect is Outcome Focused. This helps me manage my time well and deliver projects on time and efficiently. I have to be quite Logical and Tough with myself to push myself to reach my goals.


Fenitra’s Lumina Spark Splash

What is your favourite thing so far about working at Lumina Learning?

I find learning about psychology and psychometrics fascinating. My improved self-awareness has transformed my relationships with those I work with to understand myself and others better. Beyond translation, it’s exciting and not something I would have had the opportunity to learn beforehand.


Do you have any Paradoxes? How do you see these working in your role – If you don’t have any, what Paradoxes do you think might be useful for you to develop?

I have three Paradoxes: Extraverted and Introverted, Inspiration Driven and Discipline Driven, and Big Picture Thinking and Down to Earth. My three Paradoxes have been beneficial to the development of my career. For instance, my Extraverted qualities help me when I am presenting. Likewise, my Introverted qualities are valuable when I need to take more time to think before I speak.

What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I am pretty good at cooking, and I constantly like to cook for myself and others. On top of my world-class cooking skills, I also have a fear of heights!


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