Embedding a culture of diversity at Johanniter Unfallhilfe


Martin Mathis, Move and Balance, Strategic Alliance



Johanniter Unfallhilfe is a non-profit organisation in Germany which employs over 20,000 staff nationwide. The organisation offers a range of services including health and ambulance services, various medical services, and social and humanitarian aid.


Over the years the organisation has grown exponentially, resulting in further development of its leadership team. Thanks to the Managing Director at one of the regional divisions who proudly championed the agenda of diversity and inclusion, the leadership team comprises of a diverse group of people with diverse backgrounds, nationalities, ages, and previous professional experiences.



Business Need

Johanniter Unfallhilfe engaged Lumina Learning to help them:


  • Embed the culture of diversity in the workplace in the truest sense of the word.
  • Positively and proactively manage the real (and/or potential or perceived) tensions that come with it.
  • Use a validated and simple framework to increase people’s self-awareness and understanding of others’ personalities and communication preferences to improve the overall communication across the organisation.



Lumina Learning Solution


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Over the years, Lumina Spark and Lumina Sales have been embedded as the key foundational learning and development tools for individual coaching, recruitment, the employee onboarding process, conversational intelligence, strategy, and organisational development. Lumina Learning frameworks have since been integrated into everyday language and everyday situations, inside and outside of formal settings to create constructive and productive interactions.




Shared language and shared mental models have proved very useful. As a result, people can better relate to one another and embrace the culture of diversity. They are more empathetic and understanding of others’ behaviours. They can express themselves in a way that is easily understood by others and, as a result, they are able to build high-quality workplace connections. When things “get difficult” or people are “having problems”, colleagues find it easier to get into a constructive mindset and be supportive.

Adoption and integration of the model across the organisation means that the team building process is alive in an organic and informal way, with very little effort and no need for structured interventions.




“Thanks to Lumina Spark, initiating collaboration is no longer based solely on expertise. We are now extending the ‘search radar’ to people’s natural qualities. When people accept that workplace interaction takes place in the context of personality differences, it creates inspiration and curiosity.”



For more information, please contact: Mathis Martin, MathisMartin@luminalearning.com


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